In the exotic land of India, every meal is celebrated as a festival. The numerous colours, spices and fragrances almost reflect the spectrum of the rainbow. The intricate detailing in the preparation of each meal is not merely to activate the taste buds, but to enrich the senses.
We want our patrons to experience India with their senses. Distinctive flavours… melodious sounds… authentic tastes… colourful ambience with original Indian furniture and artifacts and last but not the least, a restaurant that will make you return for more.


The very exclusive authentic decorated rooms in the restaurant Spices Of India clearly represents the diversly of the indian culture. Seating capacity for up to 50 people inside and a terrace for 25 people.


Fragrant warm or pungent spices are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the dishes we present to you in Indian ambiance. Our menu has a large selection to choose from including Tandoori specialties cousin.